1278222 127-8222 Injector for Caterpillar 3100 Engine

Manufacturer Part Number:1278222 127-8222
Interchange Part Number:1071230 107-1230 7E7607 7E-7607
Remanufactured Part Number:0R8461 0R-8461 20R2051 20R-2051 0R3580 0R-3580
Region of Manufacturer: Usa
ConditionCat New / Cat Remanufactured / AYB Reman
Re-manufacturer:Caterpillar / AYB Reman
Compatibility : Caterpillar 3100 Engine
Warranty:1 Year
Packing:Cat Packing, OE Packing
General Information:We assign a unique calibration code to every Injector we re-manufacture, as per the OE spec.  
Only with a new code, will the ECU know how to perform and can make the relevant adjustments.
86 / 100