Being a Third Generation Family Business, AYB ENDUSTRI MUHENDISLIK A.S. was founded on the basis of main goal is: Global Expansion.

Our goal of expansion will enable AYB Endustri to become one of the largest spare parts suppliers for Diesel Engine Fuel Systems used in Industrial Engines and Power Units, Mining, Marine Applications and Defense Industry, within a very short time thanks to years of work.

While sustaining such expansion in international arena;

 Our greatest goal is to reducing operational costs by putting our knowledge about “RE-MANUFACTURING” of the most critical parts of High Technology Diesel Engine Fuel Systems that we obtained with Reverse Engineering methods into the service of Defense Industry, Industrial Engines and Power Units, Petroleum Exploration, Construction and Mining sectors.

AYB Endustri is ISO 9001: 2015 ISO 27001ISO 45001 and  TS11964 TSEHYB certified, an outcome of the importance we attach to our Quality Management Processes.

Our international organization memberships, such as APRA and ADS, increase our recognition and reliability in the international community, keeping us up to date while taking part in all developments related to our industry.

Operational Excellence!
We’ve built a culture for a better organization understanding.
Which, in return, provides parts with longer service lives,
More reliable engines,
Lower operational costs for our customers,
Protect the environment, choose AYB reman products and Go Green.

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Reverse Engineering Expertise / Good as New and Even Better!
As a manufacturer, we have targeted ourselves to a higher standard of excellence than existed!
We are aware that an innovation is truly innovative only if it solves a real-world problem!

It is not enough to know how to produce a part,

One should also know how to diagnose a problem,

how to solve it and how to obtain perfect results.

Customer feedback is the main information source of our team.

Only such feedbacks allow our engineers to predict and prevent most common failures.

We know why parts fail. Thanks to our 30 years of reverse engineering experience, we redesign and reinforce worn parts and offer more than just Re-manufacturing. “WE PRODUCE BETTER!” This is only possible with a team of proven experts!


What is Re-Manufacturing?
Re-Manufacturing is the process of improving worn automotive parts reliably, enabling them offer a better performance. Every year, we buy tens of tons of used parts that will be revived.

Our process is based on 30 years of reverse engineering experience, guaranteeing excellence and efficiency.


Re-Manufacturing is more than just replacing a few failed parts, springs or seals!
Essentially, it is a craft that follows a meticulous 5-step process.

1- Our business partners or suppliers send us parts that no longer perform.

2- We dismantle the parts sent to us into all their components.

3- We clean and inspect every component thoroughly.

4- We remanufacture the part by strengthening common wear areas and improving the design of the part to prevent future breakdowns.

5- We rigorously test all parts to make sure they are ready to perform.


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